Ashgrove Golf Club
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    • Par 68
    • 18 holes
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    • Par 68
    • 18 holes
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    • Par 68
    • 18 holes


Ashgrove Golf Club sits beneath the Taylor Range only minutes from Brisbane's CBD. The course, though relatively short at a touch under 5000m, is considered challenging not only to visitors but to the members alike. Many have played Ashgrove but few have mastered it. We'd love to welcome you to see if you can rise to the challenge....

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Hole 1


  • Par: 4
  • Distance: 428 m


  • Par: 5
  • Distance: 370 m

A long par 4 requiring a straight drive and long iron second shot to reach the green or its surrounds. Straying off the fairway into the trees on either side will usually mean a dropped shot. Tough hole.

Pros Tip: Find the fairway with your driver. 5 is a good score on this long par 4

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